LPT presents DYNADOFF – a doffing solution for Ring Frames that comes with a special driving mechanism. DYNADOFF has been inspired by our constant drive to improve the performance of Ring Frame machines with best-in-class products that feature superior efficiency, technological evolution and resource optimisation.

DYNADOFF, with its innovative technology, is a cost-effective doffing solution for every existing non-auto doffing Ring Frame machine. Many operations in the Ring Frame machine need skilled workers, which is becoming a difficult proposition. In such a situation, maintaining the product quality becomes an issue with semi-skilled or unskilled workers and automation is a viable alternative.

DYNADOFF adds value by increasing productivity even as it reduces dependability on human resources. The machine comprises of an empty cops insertion chute device, a full cops doffing grippers assembly, a travelling trolley device with an electronic control panel – and can transform your production line.


  • Rugged, robust and user-friendly construction.
  • Much reduced capital investment for a complete Ring Frame doffing solutions.
  • Designed to be accommodated in the existing Ring Frame machines.
  • Electro mechanical operated gripper ensure positive doffing of full cops.
  • Less power and air consumption.
  • Suitable for all spindleages in Ring Frame.
  • Parameters display system through HMI.
  • Running and fault indication system.

Special Features

  • Suitable for 180 mm to 210 mm bobbin length.
  • Performs with all kind of yarns with specified parameters setting.
  • Two Auto Doffer works at the same time from Right & Left hand sides of Ring Frame.
  • No Battery power and no charging required – increasing productivity and time saving with erratic electric power supply.
  • Low maintenance and superior accuracy.
  • Picks 12 full cops at a time.

Scope of Customer

  • Power and compressor airline to be provided.
  • Ring frame effective running parameter settings to be done.
  • 135 mm separator to be fixed.
  • Track chain and railing to be fixed in existing ring frame – part of supply.




Full Cops Pick Up 100%
Empty Cops Feeding ≥ 98%
End Break in % Less than or equal to manual doffing
Doffing Time 3.2 Spindles per unit per second
Operating Mode Power and energy chain drive
Additional Feature Lappet turnover as per setting

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