MobiDoff is a trolley type semi-automatic doffing system for Ring Frames. It moves across the Ring Frame by electrical traction using batteries. The Mobidoff trolleys are highly portable and can be used in any Ring Frame for doffing.

Mobidoff picks the fully wound bobbins by a unique combination of gripper discs and are collected in a flexible lightweight compartment. Simultaneously, empty bobbins stored in the top container are fed through a magazine. The pressing mechanism on it also pushes the bobbins down to mount it tightly against the spindles.

Salient Features

  • 50% savings in doffing manpower
  • Very less investment comparative to fully automatic doffing
  • Quick payback period
  • Simple and easy to use mechanism
  • Unique bobbin picking mechanism using 3 discs(patent pending)
  • Bobbin pressing mechanism(patent pending) to push down the empty cops immediately after feeding
  • Speed regulator system is incorporated for optimum performance
  • Doffing speed is up to 360 spindles per minute(mechanical)
  • Trolleys are designed to consume less power

Performance & Specifications

  • Full bobbin picking rete 100%
  • Empty bobbin feeding rate >98%
  • Restarting yarn breakage reate 9 to 12%
  • Doffing time per machine of 1200 spindles 3 to 4 min
  • Bobbin length Up to 210 mm
  • Spindle Pitch 70 & 75 mm
  • Power consumption 100W per trolley
Mobi Doff

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