A Speed Frame Flyer


LPT’s team has many decades of in-depth expertise and research towards customer needs in the textile industry. One of our future-ready innovations is our range of FLYERS to suit varied makes and models of the speed frame.

LPT’s new range of next generation FLYERS are a product of these constant innovation and upgradations. Designed to be light in weight, with a revolutionary modular honeycomb structure, a parabola counter form and double wall split sleeve construction, LPT Aero-Lite Flyers are efficient, reduce costs even as they help create superior yarn.

The honeycomb structure represents a superior ability to carry the shear loads and it is one of the most structurally efficient core constructions, especially in stiffness-critical applications and while performing a maximum strength-to-mass ratio. Ultimately this honeycomb structure, aero-dynamic design and the parabola counter form in the Flyer’s leg have a significant reduction in weight and safe air resistance during running.

AERO-LITE flyers superior technology add value to your fibers

  • the length, fineness, and palatalization of fibers
  • the amount of twist and compactness of the roving
  • the uniformity of twist and linear density

AERO-LITE Flyers ensure the following characteristics in your yarn

  • Reduce Roving Unevenness & breakage rate
  • Reduce Yarn irregularity & imperfections
  • Increase Yarn enacity
  • Reduce Yarn Hairiness Index

Revolutionary Advantages

  • LPT AERO-LITE is light in weight (around 30% less compared to regular Flyers) which ensures drastic compensation for centrifugal force.
  • A modular design ensures high flexibility in replacing SS tubes and Bearing Stem as per customer’s need. There is now no need to invest in replacing the entire flyer.
  • Ease of Tube cleaning & Polishing ensure free movement of fibers
  • Ease of maintenance and assembly
  • The honeycomb structure represents a superior ability to carry shear loads and perform a maximum strength to mass ratio
  • Vibration free performance throughout the operative speed range of 600 rpm to 1500 rpm.
  • Special aluminum and high-polished stainless steel tubes eliminate stuff accumulation and fiber choking inside the tube which results in 1 break per 100 Spindle hour.

Salient Features

  • Aero- Lite Flyer speed up to 1500 rpm (mechanical)
  • Anti – static surface finish prevents fluff accumulation on the external surface.
  • Aerodynamic and streamlined profile of the flyer eliminates air turbulence
  • Presser Fingers are made of heat-treated special steel to ensure constant pressure. The presser fingers can be replaced without affecting the balance of the flyer
  • Upon request, ceramic insert can be provided in outlet area
  • Standardized specially-designed Pressure Finger to suit both Manual and Auto Doffers

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