We manufacture sub-assemblies & sub-systems for the various sectors which includes

Textile Machinery

Parts & Subassemblies for Carding, Draw Frame, Comber, Speed Frame and Ring Frame.

Healthcare Components Machinery

Various machine parts, Specialty Gear Parts and Subassemblies for human body scanners.

For Industrial Applications

Power transmission units, Subassemblies for various Machinery & Utilities.

These parts are essentially of high precision and of high quality, built with higher degree of safety and durability.

Textile Application

  • 12″ & 16 ” Flyer (Suspended Type & Spindle Driven), LF 4200 (Manual & Auto Doffing)
  • 20″ & 24″ Coiler & RSP Coiler (SS Sheet crimped with open type)
  • Flats – (Cast Iron & Aluminium)
  • Presser Fingers
  • Nipper
  • Guide Cylinder

Engineering Application

  • Mechanical Operators
  • Gear Box
  • Target Weldment, Handle drive assembly, Shifter Assembly

General Industrial Utilities

  • Centrifugal Clutches
  • Gear Box
  • PIV Drive Components

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