Lakshmi Precision Technologies Limited (formerly known as Lakshmi Precision Tools Limited) is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and 5s Certified company established in 1983. Headquartered in Coimbatore, India, the city known for textile machinery and manufacturing; LPT is associated with Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW), a world leader in textile machinery.
From inception, LPT has built renown in precision manufacturing of engineering & Medical components. Apart from this, LPT is a leading manufacturer of Speed Frame Flyers, Semi-Automatic Ring Frame Doffers, critical textile machinery components and its sub-assemblies.

MagZfeed is used to load the wounded cops into the magazine of the Autoconer by automatic pick and place mechanism.

The same is oriented inside the delivery channel by pulling of yarn ends by gripper suction arrangement.

This drive or screw rod and cylinder operated mechanism with conveyor drive rollers attachment maintains the consistency, efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness in auto feeding system.

Operating Principle

  • MagZfeed is driven by an electrically operated motor used to run the roller and pull the cops from the track.
  • It tilts the cops with proper orientation in the delivery chute through the changeover mechanism in order to capture the cops yarn ends.
  • Additional lifting lever is provided to carry the cops from the longitudinal movement conveying elements.
  • The three-axis arm pick the cops from the track and place the wounded cops into the magazine

Advantages of MagZfeed:

  • Automatic travel mechanism throughout the entire length of Autoconer.
  • Elimination of transport trolley in the machine operating area.
  • Feeding the cops automatically to all magazines of Autoconer.
  • Less time to load the cops in the machine.
  • Easy integration with any version of existing Autoconers.
  • Reduced operator fatigue and improve efficiency.
  • Unskilled manpower can operate with minimum required training.

Constraints of Manual Feeding in Autoconer:

  • Skilled labour is used to stack and load the wounded cops with orientation.
  • More time consumes to stack and place the cops into the box and then place into the magazine of the Autoconer machine.
  • Production loss in Autoconer due to delay in manual feeding.
  • Fatigue in stacking and feeding of the cops through trolley.
  • In cops feeding, skilled labour needs to manually handle the process, making it laborious, time consuming and increasing chances of damage when placing the box into the trolley

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